How to Feed and Harvest Farmed Tilapia

The most essential parts of farming tilapia are the feeding and harvesting of it. You will not earn much profit if you don’t know how to start feeding and harvesting your tilapia. These two processes are considered as the “most important” in the field of fish businesses present nowadays.

Tilapia farming is not that hard since tilapias can eat cheaper foods which you can easily get around your location. Tilapias are herbivores, meaning they eat plants. They will always love Tilapia Feed jpg 300x249 How to Feed and Harvest Farmed Tilapiaeating duckweeds and they also have the ability to filter the algae present in water via their gills. Some tilapia farmers consider feeding tilapias with the combination of duckweeds and fish pellets but duckweeds are enough to feed them.

In harvesting, you don’t have to worry if your owned tilapias are already harmed with mercury because tilapias are usually in a controlled area such as pond. You will be quite sure that your tilapias are always healthy as long as you regularly visit and clean the surroundings of the pond.

Tilapia farming will be fun if you will be the one to harvest them. Harvesting them is not that hard if you are in a controlled area. An approved size of fish net is enough to catch all the well-grown tilapias that are ready for selling. Be sure that the holes of your fish net are not too small to avoid catching the ones. On the other hand, avoid having a fish net with large holes since it will be harder for you to catch them. Medium-sized holes for fish net would be enough.

Farming tilapia will be more successful if you know all the necessary steps regarding the feeding and harvesting of tilapias. You can always seek help from those who are experienced in this kind of business to guide you all the way.

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